So much power, you will just hurt yourself!

The SW-Lion-2N! is an ULTRA high power computerized MOSFET switch. ($165.00)

It's a VERY loooong story... The lion is simply the most powerful computerized MOSFET made. Development was started in November of 2008. It's three years old. But over those years it has been changed and perfected into simply the most powerful computer hardware platform. It was the original "2N!", The first with real time clocking, 20MHz 128K RISC processor, ISP programming and serial interface.... It's overwhelming power has made it a rare "concept car" that was always too complex to actualy make on a production basis. The software is an even longer story :D

But I really do sell them. Normally to ATMEL programmers that know what to do with it. If you really want one, I can make you one.


Size = 2.00 x 0.65 x 0.55 in (51 x 16.5 x 14 mm) fits 19mm tube

Weight = 0.52 ounces 14.8g

Voltage = 6.5 to 18 VDC batteries

Current = 450 amps peak 60 amps continuous


ATMEL 1284P processor running at 20MHz.

128K Flash, 4k EEPROM, 16K SRAM

ISP Programming, serial port, 3 AUX ports, LEDs

All the MPU hardware interfacing is figured out, so simple C code can run it.

Latest 2N! MOSFET drive technology used in the field proven Cheetah-2N.


Schematic Diagram


Trigger Master 5.0 Code

Lion-2N Code - NOT production ready!


AVRISP mkII programmer (they are sold all over the net)

Lion ATMEL 6-pin ISP Interface Board $5.00




For any questions please contact

Special Note: These products assume the buyer is able to disassemble and reassemble the AEG and especially the mechbox fairly easily. Rewiring and soldering are needed for installation as well as some electrical and mechanical skills.