I am happy to install Don's TriggerMaster 5.0 software into the Cheetah-2N for you. It might take me an extra day or two to ship since the added sales are a signifcant load here, but I will get them sent! Be sure to write me a BIG note to remind me to put in that software for you. *:) There is no extra charge or anything. Note the $5.00 no-manual discount if you don't need that tome re-printed and sent to you :D

The SW-CHEETAH-2N! is an ULTRA high power computerized MOSFET switch. It is based off the original Cheetah platform but uses the higher power drive electronics from the Panther-II platform!! It is intrinsically self protecting and the 2N FET configuration dramatically reduces heating for the most demanding applications. ($95.00)


Size = 2.00 x 0.65 x 0.55 in (51 x 16.5 x 14 mm) fits 19mm tube

Weight = 0.52 ounces 14.8g

Voltage = 6.5 to 18 VDC (higher voltages are available!)

Current = 450 amps peak 60 amps continuous


Fully computer controlled MOSFET switching with Active Braking.

Full over current, voltage, and temperature monitoring and protection.

Normal, 3-Round Burst, and Semi-Only operation.

Automatic 3-round burst to full auto operation after trigger is held for 1/2 second.

Full PWM motor speed control.

Soft Start to reduce motor and drive train wear.

Very low trigger switch current (~10mA).

Self diagnostics at power-up and during operation.

Mode, Burst Time, and Motor Speed are programmed via trigger pulls.

Low sound level motor vibration is used to signal the user.

Fits in present fuse holder space and replaces old fuse with high speed electronic monitoring.

The design is fully open source to allow Third Party support.

Very low brake heating of the unit allows very hard operation in Semi.

Uses latest 2N dual high power FET tecnology and extreme self protection.

Locked Semi-Only, No Active Breaking, and hard set Battery Limit Voltages available with factory programming.

6.5 to 18.0V capable operation using ANY battery with automatically setting voltage limits. Project Wolfdragon LiPO monitor campatible. Higher voltage operation is available on request.

With a failure rate of less than 0.5% / year in the most extreme applications, the most realiable, highly proven, open source, and state of the art MOSFET platform available.

MANUAL (Note: If you do not need the printed manual sent too, the price is $5.00 less ;) )

SW-Cheetah-2N!-Schematic Diagram

NOTE!! The SW-Cheetah-2n! does NOT come with any additional wires or connectors! If you need wire or connectors, we certainly have them too. Other Stuff

Panther Wire Kit $15.00


For any questions please contact

Special Note: These products assume the buyer is able to disassemble and reassemble the AEG andespecially the mechbox fairly easily. Rewiring and soldering are needed for installation as well as some electrical and mechanical skills.

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